100 Days of Comics: Day 43

100 Days of Making Comics: Day 15


Gazbot X MechaGazbot

As of today, my solo EP has been released into the wild! You might enjoy it, so why not give it a listen? It’s free to stream, and it’s pay what you want to download. OK, that’s settled then! You will listen to it, unless you’re chicken. 

You can listen to it on Bandcamp here.     *UPDATE*  Just got it up on Sound Cloud as well, still free, here’s the link .

oh also I did the album art :p

gazbot ep frony cover art_color_75 copy

Kid Switch!

Cover art for the comic "Kid Switch"
Cover art for the comic “Kid Switch”

Started a long-term project recently as the illustrator for a new comic, “Kid Switch”. It’s written by Keith Gleason, who also wrote “Hero Envy” and is co-creator of the “Swass Cast”. It won’t be finished and published for a while yet, but, here is a sneak peak at the cover sans logo.