Gazbot’s Toy Shots! #6

the Horror A4 Production Report: Update 17

The Horror A4 Production Report: Update 05

Still plugging along on the Horror A4 here’s my latest update.



The Horror A4 Production Update: 4

Playing catch up

No posts in a while, I have been pretty busy did a lot of show recently among other things. I’ll try to do a few posts to catch everything up.

The last post I did was of my Ultraman vs Godzilla Piece I did for the Super Robots Giant Monsters show put on by Josh Bernard of  Collection DX. It was in Lowell, Mass. Luckily My friends Keith and Amy let me stay with them. I was really fun, with cool people, and in a great space, if they have it again next year I highly recommend it.


Ultraman vs Godzilla, that is a Big Wow!

Been quite busy the last month or so, but, I will be making time to table at Big Wow! ComicFest this weekend, table 1401S.

Come stop by, I will be selling pins, sketches, and prints, including this Godzilla vs Ultraman one:

Ultraman vs Godzilla


Godzilla and digital painting.

It’s probably not entirely accurate to call these digital paintings, but it’s as close as I have ever come. The first non-era specific Godzilla was an experiment, and then I just kept going and started adding some color splashes. I plan to do a few more in time for the Super Robots Giant Monsters show in Massachusetts at the end of March.