Rap-Tor 2…the revenge!

Hey guys,

Been busy with lots of projects lately, so no new blog updates for a while, however the new Rap-tor strip is up, If you are so inclined to see it. I eased back on the coloring a bit this time, and I am starting to get a better handle on the character designs.

here is the link:

Rap-tor: week 2

or to see it direct click the thumbnail below:



Hey guys,

Just this week I have signed on as the artist for a web-comic called “Rap-tor”, It was created and is written by Matthew Psallidas.

...its his baby, so throw any accolades regarding dinosaur mayhem, and rich guy shenanigans his way! I'm just an ink slinging hired-gun on this one.

It should be updated once a week on drunk duck, and the first one is already up here:

Rap-tor: week 1

check it out won’t you?

or,… if you are lazy I am also posting it here 😛