Ghost Ride the Whip

SOOOOOOOOOooooooooo after a few days off from work I am back to commuting, so I am back to Drawrin.

after a couple false starts including goliath, and a terrible wonder woman meeting megatron, I did this kinda funky-style ghostrider:


he was flying through the air with a motorcycle, so next up I wanted to do someone standing in the air without a motorcycle,..I just read the first 52 trade and Black Adam was pretty big in that, plus he flys and has no motorcycle…so :


Hey what if Ghost rider got off his cycle and tried to chain up Black Adam for posing like a douche?


AW yeah suck it Adam!…i was having fun with shading around the fire, and using an eraser to make lines in the dark BG.

I also thought Black Adam had a cool pose, so I did close up’s of them both in this scene:


Ghost rider gave me trouble at first, until I realized he should be leaning the OTHER way, trying to hold Adam down.

The I re-did that one and threw in the shading eraser effects:


Black Adam came easier, ….


I like both of these, but ironically each one my least favorite part is the right leg.

I guess I need to work on right legs.

oldy moldy subway pole holdy

in the interest of full disclosure i did this sketch weeks ago.

While on the subway to work, I was thinking of trying to draw actual people again, but didn’t of course, so i kind half sketched the car and the forms of some far away people,…and everyone looked so zonked out and drained of life, that I drew a zombie, I know how original of me …the grey masses and all that but whatever, they looked like zombies I drew a zombie, deal with it.


The Church of the Sub Lou Mariner


Halloween Lou was Namor,…here is Namor from behind, with questionable back muscles seeing less than svelte Lou approaching.

Namor swims away in a almost finished perspective flying through water attempt, an attempt that seemed to me to be better rendered with out adding lower legs….lets assume they are hidden behind him…yes lets…

namor-11607 namor-lou-11607


Ok, So Quelyn my webmistress, and mistressmistress, yells at me for using spaces between lines of text I write.

SEE??? like that^^^,…but aside from looking good, and making it easier to read for old people, and those people less old who enjoy the optical illusion of less dense text, it happens automatically! when I get to the end of a line, if I hit “enter”

…like so , as is my custom…bingo auto blank line….so we’ll see what happens with that in the future. (who cares).

Meanwhile I decided after seeing a nice Mike Weiringo drawing of Aquaman, that no matter how crappy the character if you are a good enough artist you can make them look cool….I think lot of people back in the day liked a lot of crappy guys just for the artist probably without even realizing it, just look at green arrow, …why the hell would anyone give a shit about that robin hood rip-off?….answer Neal Adams.

anyway for my first go, I did his classic terrible suit and made an effort to keep his face very white bread.


I did this on the way TO work and showed Kevyn, he commented how I must not have felt like drawing feet.

While usually he would be right in this case, I just wanted to include water in the pic, he suggested I could have the water ABOVE him. So, on the way home…I made this:


SO i decided for Aquaman number two I’d go the other way and draw his ’90s bad-ass self with hook hand and long hair.

I put the water over him as Kevyn suggested, and made sure to draw his feet….then I realized I am insane, because I literally thought he meant water, like on a rock or something over aquaman….it want until I was done that it occured to me he probably meant the water line would be above him thus having him….. swimming….. underwater ….aquaman tends to do….so my final attempt:


got a half decent pose but faltered on the anatomy of it, *see previous posts*

played with the scale shine on his shirt in the smaller sketch.

so what have we learned?

Well, I think my theory is solid, but Neal Adams I ain’t

green lantern???

ok so a few days ago,  I was sketch-o-doodlin on the commute, and I did a kinda crappy back view flying guy.

He could be green lantern i thought,…so I did a series trying in vain to make a good combo of well rendered and interesting

perspective…not doing so well, the last page I did a decent perspective by keeping it simple, and a pretty nice face….

the moral: I need to practice interesting flying in perspective poses.

grn-lant-sketch-1-1107 grn-lant-sketch-2-1107