green lantern???

ok so a few days ago,  I was sketch-o-doodlin on the commute, and I did a kinda crappy back view flying guy.

He could be green lantern i thought,…so I did a series trying in vain to make a good combo of well rendered and interesting

perspective…not doing so well, the last page I did a decent perspective by keeping it simple, and a pretty nice face….

the moral: I need to practice interesting flying in perspective poses.

grn-lant-sketch-1-1107 grn-lant-sketch-2-1107

Kevyn’s Hawkwoman

So, occasionally some random artist friends and I challenge each other to “fun-art homework”.  Most recently Kevyn Schmidt and I did this.

He challenged me to draw Hawkwoman/girl in a Style Like Mark Silvestri:


and here is My attempt:


I challenged him to draw the silver surfer in a Bruce Timm Style, his style is like so:


and here is his Kevyn’s response:


this is a Silver Surfer I found that was actually drawn by Bruce Timm :