Go Nagi’s inspirational super robot, Mazinger Z!!! Also known in the US as Tranzor Z. Here he is towering over Japan and firing his signature rocket punch. Done 100 percent in Photoshop on my Cintiq. Probably took me about 12 hours from beginning to end, not including the sketch studies I did for a few days leading up to doing this one. A few progress pics followed by the final, which will be a print. At 11×14 it’s my biggest print to date, how fitting for the godfather of giant super robots! This brand new print of Mazinger Z will be available for the first time this Friday at: Level Up Video Games for their first art show!


Mr. Robo-Sir

Mr. Robo-Sir:
Done in Flash. He will serve you…and you will have been served.

Sketched him out in between turns in a long multi-player Magic the Gathering game. Found him in my sketch book yesterday, and decided to clean and color him up in Flash.

He is also a potential combatant in the fighting I am I am not making.