Month: March 2012

After I finished the, “class of kids as superheroes”, project; the woman who hired me, then asked me to do a similar treatment for her family. Here was my favorite of the bunch. Done completely in Photoshop on my Cintiq.



Recently got in touch with an old art school buddy of mine. While texting he sent me a current pic of himself. Later on, I was playing League of Legends, and in-between matches, waiting for my death timer to expire ect. I sketched this of him, with a bic pen on typing paper.


Hello all and few.

Been busy again, and I still have a few old things waiting to be share-able on the blog. However, something I did recently that I can show, was a project for an old buddy of mine Keith Gleason. He’s a writer,  actor,  artist,  stand-up-comic and more!  This guy does it all ladies and Beetle Borgs.  I was asked to do a fun pin-up for Issue 3 of the Hero Envy comic. Hero Envy was a popular Web “TV” show. It has since morphed into a video podcast, a Blog, and now a series of comics! Check them out if you get the chance.

My process I actually used on this one was a little weird. I was doing doodles of my take on the characters in pic pen, color sticks, anything on hand on scraps of handy paper over a few days. Then I gathered the Image I liked best of each character, scanned them all into Photoshop and com-posited them into a collage/scene. and roughly filled drew in the rest of the scene and background on my Cintiq.  Then I printed it out threw it on a light-box and inked it on Bristol with a Japanese brush pen. Scanned that back in, made a few digital white out corrections, and colored it.



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