Gaz is in Japan standing in front of a display of Ultraman Toys

Gaz “Gazbot” Gretsky currently lives in the East Bay of California. Gaz is an artist for hire specializing in Comic Books, Illustration, Caricatures, and Animation. His work ranges from CD Covers for local bands to Spring Break commercials for MTV, to the animated Nickelodeon show Pinky Dinky Doo. More recently, he has become known for his Japanese Tokusatsu inspired art including Godzilla, Super Sentai / Power Rangers, Ultraman, and Super Robots. Currently, He is Working on Issue 3 of his creator-owned kaiju comic “The Horror A4”.

The Gazbot Knight, alongside Big Dawg Defender, also hosts a weekly talk show “Action Activate” where they discuss Classic and New Power Ranger Episodes, have special guests, giveaways and more!

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