Gaz’ illustration concentrate heavily on the Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and Godzilla fandoms. This comes as no surprise as his original comic The Horror A4 is heavily inspired by this genre, as we explore a world where giant monsters (Kaiju) come to live in a world where people are not prepared. Here are some examples of Gaz’ most recent work. For inquiries or commissions, please email [email protected]. To shop for prints of this work, check out what Gaz currently has for sale.

Comic Books

Gaz is the author, penciler, and inker on The Horror A4 a creator-owned and published comic book. In addition to his work on the Horror, he’s worked on other comics as well. Here are some samples of Gaz’ comic book work. To buy The Horror A4, please check out the shop.

Con Sketches

Gaz can be seen across the country at various Comic Conventions! Check out the main page for his schedule. If you’re lucky enough to catch Gaz at a town near you, and he has availability, you can commission him for a Convention Sketch! Some examples below:


Gaz can be hired to do “Studio Caricatures” where you send him awesome reference photos of you looking epic, and he can put you in any situation. If you’re local to the Bay Area, CA you can also hire Gaz to come to a party and do caricatures Live!

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