Back Lash

Namor questionable back muscles???

..time to try new reference while drawing!!!! whoo whatta concept!!!

OF course in my mind the goal of a good drawer is to be able to draw anything well form the old noggin without reference, which Is probably Impossible, but at least over time you cut down on it’s use as much as you can I suppose.

meanwhile namors back from my noggin looked shaky at best, so I practice a few back shots from reference, if I’m lucky I wll retain like 10 percent of this knowlage of back anatomy the next time I need to draw a back with no reference. Like at easter mass…


In other news I always feel like I should draw more from life, especially people so I don’t get stuck making everyone look kinda white guy like meish.     But People notice when you look at them unless you are like so far away you cant see them, I don’t know how real artists do it,….maybe they are faster…or ruder…anyway I tried to notice  people while getting on the train and then draw faces based on what I remembered not the best system, but better than people asking why I’m staring at them….cuz then they might ask me for quarters or gum,…FUCK YOU people!


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