I’ve been talking and arguing with my buddy Haines lately, about art and comics.

One main thing we were talking about is how hard it is to keep things dynamic and correct at the same time.

We both have a problem of over-drawing things,…that is getting a nice loose sketch and redrawing it till all energy is lost.

Regardless, a difference in how we approach is; I am more often than not concerned with getting details, anatomy, facial expressions ect. right,while Dave is an animator FIRST and naturally focuses on the action line.

Good comic guys do this, all animators should, I usually don’t think about it, but I will try to.

below is a strange faced he-man, I did on the train, inked with a brush pen,(inks on a train I’m crazeee).

I made a motion line and filled in the gaps…it’s o…k…but I think the anatomy suffered and the motion line was not as strong as it could be,…oh well at least I inked on a train!


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