Blue Hulk?

hulkblue hulkbw

Above: Hulk done in slight up perspective.

Left: non-repro blue sketch of Hulk cleaned up with traditional number 2 black pencil.

Right: same exact drawing after being photocopied without any settings adjust.

Moral: non-repro blue pencils work! There are some small artifacts from the blue line, but I draw heavy in my initial sketches. A normal person, or one who fiddles with the copy setting, could easily achieve a flawless black copy from this technique.

I don’t know why I started cleaning up light blue in dark blue, I guess it looks nicer in a sketch book, but this idea is definitely now in my arsenal, and yes i know I did not discover this, (as evidenced by the words non-repro blue being stamped on the pencils themselves), I just realized the personal usefulness of it.

in other news some people criticized the slimness of my Hulk , but I prefer him this way, I always thought the Hulk should be more human in body and less human in face, like Lou Ferrigno in the 70’s show. Apparently the creators behind the new Hulk movie agree, because I recently found this:


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