blue!?!?! I’m getting angry…

So, despite my earlier happiness with a non-photo blue pencil test, I now wallow in blue pencil purgatory.

I am tantalized by the possibilities it offers yet mocked by it’s failure to deliver.

After doing some work in black pencil over blue and scanning it, only to have the blue show up, and prove to be difficult to delete by color selecting it in photoshop.

I did a test I got some light blue pencils taht specifically said “non-photo blue”  right on them.  I doodled some crap, and put black lines over them with a 2h pencil, some of the blue line doodles were as dark and bold as I could make them, others were light and sketchy.

I drew these on a print-out. The print out was of a sketch I did in black. I then converted to and printed that black drawing into light blue.  A friend told me this would allow my to print anything out as non-repro blue.

below you see the results of a grey scale, and color scan.

In both cases the printed blue, and all blue lines from the pencil from dark to light appeared.

when I tried to seperate the blacks I got crap a seen in the thumbnail link. yes I could darken it, but that would hardly solve the problem, (I tried)

SO, WTF!?!?

blue-test-grey-scan blue-pencil-color-scan blue-pencil-black-pull-copy

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