Hey guys,

So I finished up the Tricked pin-up for Alex, here it is:


It was fun, and I was honored he asked me. The one daunting part is that he requested to have the original, paper version. Knowing this I couldn’t use my usual trick of inking and then fixing the mistakes on the computer. Also I didn’t want it all shmootzed up with white out for him, so the inks were a one shot no going back, and that was a little stressful. I didn’t keep track of the layout /pencil phase, but I know the inks took me about 2 and a half hours on this.

Right now I am working on this week’s Rap-tor, (another double), as well as a hip-hop super hero logo, and still finishing up that t-shirt design, after all this I did book that animation job, which I will start monday and it will take me a few weeks.

-and so it goes…

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