Sales autopsy

OK well I think the animation is finally done, barring any last minute revisions. I also now have now booked a second on-going strip job. It is not posted on-line, I believe they will be collected in one of this guy’s books.

The weird thing is he had another artist do a bunch in the past, but that guy retired or died or something, he was Romanian or something so details are fuzzy.

I got the job to do one strip, along with a few others, and whoever, matched the style of the old guy best got the steady gig…I guess that was me. below is the strip that won it for me.

-oh one side note, a weird thing is I don’t get a script I get a few paragraphs relaying an anecdote I then cut some stuff out and rearrange it to be the comic. First pass however having never worked this way I included every word, which is at least double what you see in this version

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