Farscape 3

So, I continually try in vain to get my friends to like the Sci-Fi show Farscape. Most can’t get past the first few episodes which they call “boring” or “slow”. Like a lot of shows it does start off a bit slow, but the premise, colorful characters, and puppetry are more than enough to get me through. The early one-off episode plots could have been on twilight zone or star trek or any other sci-fi show, but still that’s not so bad is it? I usually tell them just skip to the end of the first season if they can’t wait. Usually they will not even bother doing that.  I watched the whole series through twice the last time was a few years ago. Since then, have watched the first couple episodes of season one MANY times while trying to get other people into it.  My friend Darren was visiting recently and to his credit he watched probably the first 13 episodes, and said it was good.  But, I could tell he wasn’t gonna run home to finish the show. Once he left I kept watching alone. As I remembered, by the end of season one it started to get really good. But, by the end of season two going into three it gets fucking awesome! I am once again mad at everyone that doesn’t give this show a fair shot. Especially so, after I having just recently sat through almost all of the mega popular  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (finishing the last season now). Which, while enjoyable overall has had whole seasons of boring or annoying plot-lines and lots of “off” episodes. Anyway I was watching a mini documentary on an artist friend of mine Dave Mazure, and sketched this little Farscape scene in bic pen on a sheet of copy paper. I added some white to Rygel’s hair by erasing.



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