Recently through my Deviant art page, I was commissioned to do a mascot/logo for an new game site. They liked my Be-bop from TMNT, and wanted something similar but with a warthog in fantasy garb, instead of a boar in punk attire. I did the pencil sketch in blue and then cleaned it up with an H pencil on copier paper. Then I scanned it into Photoshop to remove the blue and touch up a few things like the swords. Printed that version out and light-boxed it onto a sheet of Bristol for the inks. Inks we done mainly with Japanese brush pen and a little bit of .8 .5 and .1 microns pens. Scanned that in and colored it in Photoshop on my Cintiq.

warthog-wip_1 warthog_color_13-copy

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