Ghost Ride the Whip

SOOOOOOOOOooooooooo after a few days off from work I am back to commuting, so I am back to Drawrin.

after a couple false starts including goliath, and a terrible wonder woman meeting megatron, I did this kinda funky-style ghostrider:


he was flying through the air with a motorcycle, so next up I wanted to do someone standing in the air without a motorcycle,..I just read the first 52 trade and Black Adam was pretty big in that, plus he flys and has no motorcycle…so :


Hey what if Ghost rider got off his cycle and tried to chain up Black Adam for posing like a douche?


AW yeah suck it Adam!…i was having fun with shading around the fire, and using an eraser to make lines in the dark BG.

I also thought Black Adam had a cool pose, so I did close up’s of them both in this scene:


Ghost rider gave me trouble at first, until I realized he should be leaning the OTHER way, trying to hold Adam down.

The I re-did that one and threw in the shading eraser effects:


Black Adam came easier, ….


I like both of these, but ironically each one my least favorite part is the right leg.

I guess I need to work on right legs.

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