The Grey….er Blue Gargoyle!!!


A while back I was using brother a lot, as in a jokey hulk hogan kind of way, but recently, I find myself using it more and more, but not on purpose, and no in an ironic kind of way…I guess I’m turning into Hulk Hogan, …minus the racism I hope!

Anyway check out the blue gargoyle…I find the better my actual anatomy gets, the easier it is to make up weird monster anatomy in a convincing way,…I guess the adage is true learn the rules so that you can break them.

also he originally was gonna have spikes and wings, but I axed the wings before I even light blue lined ’em, …the spikes made it to the light blue, and then fell before the might of the dark but never to been seen again, except now in your minds eye….and in the places I didn’t erase, where you can still kinda see them.


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