FLASH!!!…aaaAAAAAAaaahhhHHH….He’s eating all the universe!!!!

Why no posts for so long Gazbo?

Well Turkey day didn’t help. But actually, the bigger reason is I was working on something, and wanted to wait until it was done to post it. The Quelyn unit gave me an assignment of doing an inked drawing of flash as a zombie.

So several day of bus sketch time were devoted to this, thus all my sketches for that time: zombie flash.

Well, zombie Flash and some leg muscle studies.

My sketches went back and forth between stiff, and inaccurate. I could have kept going forever, but I final decided one day that I would either draw the final or have to choose an older one to take to completion, but as it turns out the second runner up was the first sketch i did in marker at my computer desk.

Below is the progression:

flash1 flash11 flash8

first one was a quick marker sketch at my computer, I liked the second one, but it didn’t make sense, and his legs were weird,…third one cover legs, but that felt cheap so I studied a bit instead.

flash91 flash10

Leg muscles out of anatomy book, followed, by a basic Flash, no zombie stuff…ok back to business!

flash7 flash6

I was quite happy with the upper body on this one, but again the pose was a bit awkward and looked like he was sliding to a stop or something, also the left leg was weird, I re-sketched the pose to look more intentional, but then abandoned it.

flash4 flash5

More leg studies, a decent Flash, not really zombie enough, kind of flat, foreshortening helps, but is also questionable.

flash3 flash2

Same idea, lower viewpoint…then trying to be more dynamic, he came out bulky, …though I did think there was some charm to it.


And the final!!! I am generally happy with it,…I still want to fix/change things, but I’ve gotten the feeling that everytime I finish a Piece it is not so much the best it can be, or even the ultimate best I can do, so much as the best I can reasonably do right now.

Meaning If I devoted a million hours to it i will get better, or if I wait a few months my skills will improve more, but I can’t realistically do either of those things, as it is I spend to much time in pre-production.

So, I do a bunch pick the best of the litter and try to let go.

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