Valkyrie from marvel comics.

Valkyrie from marvel comics.

Blue pencil rough cleaned up with black over it.
Digitally removed the blue lines, and shading added with Photoshop.

Trying to create more useable female pin-up samples.

Used to be unable to draw female characters at all, over time I got over that, and now do it all the time.

Only problem is I never really went for the hot girl sexy pin-up type stuff, which is expected in samples, so now I need to work on that a bit.

Also, I seem to have fallen in love with the digital shading over pencils format. I feel it takes a sketch to the next level with a minimal time investment.

valkyrie_4-copy valkyrie_5-copy

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  1. I agree with your last paragraph/sentence, but I don’t think it replaces a well-inked and then shaded drawing at all. Are you planning on using the ‘digital shading over pencils’ technique for some of your samples?

  2. >> I don’t think it replaces a well-inked and then shaded drawing at all.>>

    I agree, this is not meant to.

    This techinque will be used in samples for soliciting pin-up commisions, as an option.

    It will not be used when I am trying to get work with a publisher.

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