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So back around August 2011 MC Frontalot came out with a new album, I am a fan, and got it immediately. One track in particular I enjoyed was I’ll Form the Head, which he did with two other rappers, and was about Voltron/Power Ranger-type pilots arguing about who is the bestest most important part of the team. I kept listening to it on repeat while I biked and walked and such. I started to get a real clear image of a cool animated video that could be done for it. I decided to pitch it to him, I got home one day and over the weekend did a bunch of work on it. (This is SO unlike me it’s insane). I had an E-mail, from a tweet he had previously put out asking for artists to help with another project, I had responded, but they no longer needed help. Any way I sent my resume, some samples, a link to my site, and the  pieces I did for the proposed video. No response. OK , shortly after this I realized he was doing a kickstarter , where he specifically mentions he wants to do an animated video, I resent my previous email with some modifications. No response.  Later There is a call put out via his web site that he is looking for animators to work on this video. I responded again, making it clear I was interested in any job big or small. No response. He was on tour and I saw him in Santa Cruz, great show, I decided to make sure it was not an e-mail snafu, or someone out of the loop running his e-mail. I gathered up my courage and handed him personally an envelope with my resume pitch ideas, and art. He was polite and thanked me. After that No response. SO I was holding on to this stuff on the off-chance I was going to ever be invited to work on the video but it has been months now so it is safe to assume I am not. It’s weird, this was one of those things where in my head it was a perfect confluence of events, and I was unreasonably confidant I would be hired on to make or at least help make his video. I have no hard feelings, but as with every job I ever try to get I really hate the lack of response. Well enough crying here are some of the preliminary designs and art I created for the video.


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    1. True! Personally I would even prefer a “you’re not good enough”, or a “We don’t like your style”, then nothing. Might bruise the ego a bit, but at least I know they got it looked at it and respected me enough to let me know what they thought. I also realize limited time on their part could preclude such a personal touch, but a form rejection letter is always an option.

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