Prime time!

Here is a bic pen sketch I did of the old Malibu comics character “Prime“. Malibu was around during the 90’s comics craze. Eventually it was was bought by Marvel, and the characters have not been heard from again. The books were not great, but not as bad as some stuff out at the time. Malibu’s main problem, was that most of their characters were derivative of Marvel and DC’s main heroes. Prime was similar to superman sure, but more importantly he was similar to Captain Marvel (Shazam as some know him). He was in reality a kid who due to scientific experiments could turn into a hulking super hero. Shazam was the same character concept created decades earlier, only using magic. At the time I was reading Prime, I was not that up on my Captain Marvel, so I thought the idea was a new one. Regardless, it did put a new spin on it. The entire Prime body was made of a organic goo, costume included. The veiny physique and crazy machismo, all made sense because it was a super hero body created from the imagination of a kid. There was also a story line where the kid was tired of being goody-goody and threw a temper tantrum, so when he transformed he looked like biker prime, complete with  a scruffy berad. I thought it was kind an amusing send up of the comic industry at the time. Apparently at some point during the mid-to-late-90’s there was an Ultra Force cartoon. Ultra force was like Malibu’s Avengers, I watched it on netflix last night, and it was pretty bad. the writing was awful , the theme song was horrible, the caracters designs were odd. the animation itself was passable, but it was just not good overall. Regardless when I was playing League of Legends that night I sketched up this guy:


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