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Hello all and few.

Been busy again, and I still have a few old things waiting to be share-able on the blog. However, something I did recently that I can show, was a project for an old buddy of mine Keith Gleason. He’s a writer,  actor,  artist,  stand-up-comic and more!  This guy does it all ladies and Beetle Borgs.  I was asked to do a fun pin-up for Issue 3 of the Hero Envy comic. Hero Envy was a popular Web “TV” show. It has since morphed into a video podcast, a Blog, and now a series of comics! Check them out if you get the chance.

My process I actually used on this one was a little weird. I was doing doodles of my take on the characters in pic pen, color sticks, anything on hand on scraps of handy paper over a few days. Then I gathered the Image I liked best of each character, scanned them all into Photoshop and com-posited them into a collage/scene. and roughly filled drew in the rest of the scene and background on my Cintiq.  Then I printed it out threw it on a light-box and inked it on Bristol with a Japanese brush pen. Scanned that back in, made a few digital white out corrections, and colored it.



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