Over at Mattycollector they are running a  create-a-character contest, below is my fist entry. Part of the contest is to use mainly pre-existing parts from other figures.   Armor-Dillo: EVIL ARMORED WARRIOR REAL NAME: PLATO D-FENS One of the many denzians living in the lower mountainlands of Eternia. His thick hide, makes him impervious to most damage. Not […]

He-man in the Slime Pit.

Done as a last minute piece for my zombie art show at Illusive comics and Games in Santa Clara. CA. Technically speaking a slimed mind controlled he-man is not undead, but I figured close enough… Japanese brush pen and pigma pens, scanned and colored in Photoshop. Prints for sale 9×12 Combined shipping is available, (and recommended). […]

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