Indiana? we named the drawing Indiana!!!

Hey, so with the new movie and all I thought I’d try an Indiana Jones pic, (young version).

I once again did these on the Cintiq only. used photo ref on the main monitor, which I am including.

The full body one I did a blue line and then during clean up I didn’t like the likeness so I quit.

Found a CU pic, and did it without the rough, did erase a bit though.

Generally I am not great with likeness, which is ironic since I make a good portion of my income as a caricature artist….but there is a big difference between getting a decent likeness in 5 minutes in marker of someone at a party, and taking my time to get a likeness of someone famous, dunno maybe it’s the pressure of all that time…*shrug*.

indy1 indianajones_narrowweb__300x4300


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