100 Days of Making Comics: Day 62


A cheerful bat mitzvah girl and a traveling family

These pics were done as a commission for the girl’s bat mitzvah last month.

Done from photos 100 percent in Photoshop on my Cintiq. I was hired to do a “caricature”, but,  more and more these jobs I do from photos, are more like cartoony illustration. Not really exaggerated, just nice comic-book looking versions of the people. I don’t mind, but I have been thinking of make a separate section/sub-heading to delineate this style from actual caricature samples.

Game Dev Jam!

Hey guys, been backed up with work lately. A lot of stuff I can’t show unfortunately, however, I just did a quick “flyer” design for an upcoming Game Dev House event. Done Completely in Flash on my Cintiq. I am trying out some free 3rd party pixel tools which you can get here. Good final effect, but they are a little buggy especially when you erase.

The info below:

Calling out NJ, NY, PA, or Wherever — GAME DEV JAM, Coming up in 2 Weeks!!!
Join us on Meetup.com: www.meetup.com/Game-Development-House





Recently a client whom I had previously worked for on a semi-regular basis for several years, contacted me about a new on-going job. For the original jobs I did I charged him less than my current usual since we started working together when I was more inexperienced and had less work opportunity, also he was a little tight on the budget. This time, I offered him a rate lower than the previous job since this one seemed easier, I also gave him a lower than usual rate since it would be on-going work, with very little editorial oversight. I was actually second-guessing myself for the low-ball offer I made when he responded. I usually don’t publicize my prices as they can vary greatly depending on the situation, project, and work-load I have at any given time, However I feel it is important to be specific in this example to show how reasonable my asking rate was. The following was our e-mail exchange:



How are things out west?

 How much can you do a simple comic for?

 I’ll need, about once a month or so,  a comic to use when I train.

For example, one company sells to librarians, so I want a pic of a librarian offering an objection and the reps going SHHHHH! With his finger on his lips (sweet irony).

Another is a rep selling to a feed store, telling the resistant buyer “It’s cheaper than a vet!”





Hey xxx,

 Long time no chat, thanks for thinking of me for this new project.

 All is well here, I been keeping busy, as it seems you have too!

 So, it seems like you are talking about a 1 panel gag comic like the far side or family circus in color correct?

If so I would charge 75.00 each, same as before where you see a rough first.

Let me know,





Thanks, I was surprised that xxxx from Bulgaria contacted me on this (my original artist). I’m giving him the work. Over there, average worker makes $120/week. So him doing this for $40 will be good for a semi-starving artist.




Continuing the outsourcing of American jobs.



-Now I know I may been overstating it a bit, and I doubt this technically qualifies as outsourcing in the traditional sense, but I think the point was made.

What bothers me most, is that the client told me about the other artist at all. It’s a bizarre arrogance or ignorance that let’s someone think this is an OK thing to say to another person. They could have easily told me, your price is too high, I’m going another direction, or your style is not right for the project :p, ect. Why throw in that seemingly passive aggressive information? It’s like breaking up with a girl and telling her, “there, there it’s not you, it’s just that I found this super hot Bulgarian girl who doesn’t know enough to see she can do better than a guy like me, and she is in a bad enough situation that she will marry and serve me just to get her citizenship. (overstating again?…OK, maybe.) I can only think of 2 logical reasons for this information sharing. 1. Maybe the client hoped that I would quickly lower my price so as to not lose the job. This would  mean that although the client would rather work with me, they find saving money to be of greater importance than quality of work and ease of communication. 2. It was a F.U. to my “high” price proving that other artists could be found cheaper. This would be a sort of bragging about their business savvy, or indictment of my lack of globally competitive prices. There of course are other reasons that cold have motivated them as well, but they are beyond my ability to easily guess.


Here is a parody Illustration I did as a commission. The basic layout and idea was supplied by Lon Lopez.  He will add in the appropriate text and then submit it to shirtpunch or another such site. If it goes up for sale publicly I will update you with the details. This was done entirely in Photoshop on my Cintiq, with lots of reference :p
exspongabl exspongables-clean-up_42_final-low-rez