Crazy Mix-em-ups

About a year ago I was hired to do some designs and simple animation for a proposed series of interstitials for MTV, via the Goo. Unfortunately, it never got past the initial animation phase,  but the designs were still fun to work on. The concept was to mash up hip-hop artists and pop-culture celebrities, then show four extreme close-ups to give people […]

3 Dog night…and day…and several more revisions later in the week.

Recently I was contacted to do a cartoon of three dogs from photos. The guy ended up wanting it a lot more realistic than cartoony, and after several heavily referenced revisions, here is the final product done 100 percent in Photoshop on my Cintiq:

Variations on a theme

At the Big Wow comic con a few months back, a guy commissioned me to do a sketch cover for him. This was the first time I had done one of these. Since then, I have done several more. Some were for a private collection, some to be sold on ebay. These are images from the second batch […]

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