Here is a parody Illustration I did as a commission. The basic layout and idea was supplied by Lon Lopez.  He will add in the appropriate text and then submit it to shirtpunch or another such site. If it goes up for sale publicly I will update you with the details. This was done entirely in Photoshop on my Cintiq, with lots of reference :p
exspongabl exspongables-clean-up_42_final-low-rez

Crazy Mix-em-ups

About a year ago I was hired to do some designs and simple animation for a proposed series of interstitials for MTV, via the Goo. Unfortunately, it never got past the initial animation phase,  but the designs were still fun to work on. The concept was to mash up hip-hop artists and pop-culture celebrities, then show four extreme close-ups to give people a chance to guess who it was before the reveal of the main veiw. Below are the four designs I worked on, done completely in Flash on my Cintiq:

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Happy Holidays!

One of the Things I talked about not being able to show a while back, was a company e-card. I t was being sent out to notify clients of a holiday donation being made in their name.

I had to do like 6 versions for different countries and charities. The Visual assets were provided, I did the animation and sound design. Had help with some of the interactivity, by Josh Miller . I did one of these for them last year as well. Hopefully it will be every year. Anyway here it is.


News from the Front.

So back around August 2011 MC Frontalot came out with a new album, I am a fan, and got it immediately. One track in particular I enjoyed was I’ll Form the Head, which he did with two other rappers, and was about Voltron/Power Ranger-type pilots arguing about who is the bestest most important part of the team. I kept listening to it on repeat while I biked and walked and such. I started to get a real clear image of a cool animated video that could be done for it. I decided to pitch it to him, I got home one day and over the weekend did a bunch of work on it. (This is SO unlike me it’s insane). I had an E-mail, from a tweet he had previously put out asking for artists to help with another project, I had responded, but they no longer needed help. Any way I sent my resume, some samples, a link to my site, and the  pieces I did for the proposed video. No response. OK , shortly after this I realized he was doing a kickstarter , where he specifically mentions he wants to do an animated video, I resent my previous email with some modifications. No response.  Later There is a call put out via his web site that he is looking for animators to work on this video. I responded again, making it clear I was interested in any job big or small. No response. He was on tour and I saw him in Santa Cruz, great show, I decided to make sure it was not an e-mail snafu, or someone out of the loop running his e-mail. I gathered up my courage and handed him personally an envelope with my resume pitch ideas, and art. He was polite and thanked me. After that No response. SO I was holding on to this stuff on the off-chance I was going to ever be invited to work on the video but it has been months now so it is safe to assume I am not. It’s weird, this was one of those things where in my head it was a perfect confluence of events, and I was unreasonably confidant I would be hired on to make or at least help make his video. I have no hard feelings, but as with every job I ever try to get I really hate the lack of response. Well enough crying here are some of the preliminary designs and art I created for the video.



Hey fellers, and galpals;

Just got back from Vegas craziness with my girl Quelyn, still pluggin’ away at the computer animation I need to have done by this weekend.  Below, is a character from it, “the choker”, he constricts data flow, among other computer evils.

His design was my favorite, I did the clean-ups on him myself, though Keyvn Schmidt has been assisting me with most of them.



I’ve been talking and arguing with my buddy Haines lately, about art and comics.

One main thing we were talking about is how hard it is to keep things dynamic and correct at the same time.

We both have a problem of over-drawing things,…that is getting a nice loose sketch and redrawing it till all energy is lost.

Regardless, a difference in how we approach is; I am more often than not concerned with getting details, anatomy, facial expressions ect. right,while Dave is an animator FIRST and naturally focuses on the action line.

Good comic guys do this, all animators should, I usually don’t think about it, but I will try to.

below is a strange faced he-man, I did on the train, inked with a brush pen,(inks on a train I’m crazeee).

I made a motion line and filled in the gaps…it’s o…k…but I think the anatomy suffered and the motion line was not as strong as it could be,…oh well at least I inked on a train!