Double shot of news and sketch opportunities.

For Free Comic Book Day this year, which is on May the 4th, (may the 4th be with you), I’ll be setting up shop at Illusive Comics and Games in Santa Clara, CA. I’ll be selling prints and doing sketches all day, come see me, stormtroopers, a big sale, and get some free comics while …

The 3 Doctors, the 201…3 Doctors.

Hello and welcome to another process blog, I haven’t done one in a while, and so heeeeeere we go: One of the categories for the SDCC 2013 souvenir book this year is Doctor Who. The deadline was Midnight tonight. Yesterday at midnight I decided to do a pic for it. I am great planner-man! Step One:  Roughs / Layouts Did a …

dr. who part deux

Been watching Torchwood finally, (a Doctor who spin-off), and I was interested in re-watching the first story with Captain Jack Harkness, who started as a Dr.who guest star, and became the lead of Torchwood. So after re-watching the original episodes with him and the 9th Doctor, I drew this up. Pencil (erased) and japanese brush pen.

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