Go Nagi’s inspirational super robot, Mazinger Z!!! Also known in the US as Tranzor Z. Here he is towering over Japan and firing his signature rocket punch. Done 100 percent in Photoshop on my Cintiq. Probably took me about 12 hours from beginning to end, not including the sketch studies I did for a few days […]

The 3 Doctors, the 201…3 Doctors.

Hello and welcome to another process blog, I haven’t done one in a while, and so heeeeeere we go: One of the categories for the SDCC 2013 souvenir book this year is Doctor Who. The deadline was Midnight tonight. Yesterday at midnight I decided to do a pic for it. I am great planner-man! Step One:  Roughs / Layouts Did a […]

The Null set triptych

Getting into my Copic cool grey set as you can see. I love working in grey more and more. These are the main characters from my forever unfinished and unpublished comic “the Null Set.” Maybe this will inspire me to get it done, but at the very least it inspired me to use Copics more :p . […]

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